Everything Happens For A Reason – Thank You Mr Casey

Everything Happens For A Reason

This blogpost is about stressing to you that everything happens for a reason. Right now you may be going through alot of shit and challenging stuff.  Maybe you have lost your business or your job? Or can´t find a job? Maybe you are having relationship issues and are experiencing a breakup or a divorce? Or maybe you previously experienced such things? My message for you is that everything happens for a reason and if you are currently going through these things you will in the future look back and see there was a reason. If you previously experienced such challenges look back now and identify what the reason was. I can guarantee that you will find one.

Everything Happens For A Reason : Enter Mr Casey

You will be surprised at what you realise when you look back. Let me give you a personal example. Around June 2008 I was on top of the world. We were turning over 7 figures annually. My business was growing at an incredible rate. I had 5 facilities with 50+ staff and getting media opportunities regularly and was well known locally and to a growing degree nationally. We had a great life in terms of holidays and material things but then a nuclear bomb hit our lives by the name of Mr Casey. Into our lives came someone capable of preying on my naivety and trusting nature as well as the fact that at the time I felt invincible and had an ego out of control. Add to that an individual´s greed, deceptive nature and alterior motives.

By just 2nd March 2009 we had lost everything and my last facility closed that day (also my birthday) and we lost everything including our home and everything we had worked for over a decade to build. We couldn´t afford a loaf of bread. Now let´s fasttrack to today. We now live our dream lifestyle in Lanzarote. I get to spend as much time as I want every day with my wife and son. I now work online with clients all over the world and have a growing international reputation. I have freedom. So looking back on 2008 Mr Casey was brought into my life by the universe or god, whatever your belief is, to hit stop on my life and see what I would do with it and how I would react. So now I can look back and see that everything happens for a reason, no more so than in this situation. That period of my life will always be the worst and most challenging and helllike of my life. So thank you Mr Casey for serving your purpose expertly!!

Everything Happens For A Reason Training Video

Press PLAY on the following video for a valuable training on why I 100% believe that everything happens for a reason as I share examples from my own life that illustrate the fact.  Feel free to place any questions or comments about this training video below

Everything Happens For A Reason : Final Thoughts

Experiencing a vibrant successful life is about always moving forward, leaving the past where it belongs while learning from it, listening to your own mind, believing in your dreams, and creating new positive habits. Always remember that everything happens for a reason and never give up believing in your dreams despite the obstacles and challenges. Look at challenges you have faced in the past and identify the reason you went through that experience. This exercise will serve you well and could totally transform your outlook on that period of your life.

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