How To Lose Belly Fat Fast And Easily Maintain It!!

how to lose belly fat fast

How To Lose Belly Fat FastIn this week´s High Performance Training I want to teach you a few tips how to lose belly fat fast as well as clear up a few weightloss myths that are still going around. There is so much confusion these days particularly with the internet as to how to lose weight fast and get rid of belly fat.

Tip #1 : How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

The first most important point I am going to make is that you need to be consistent. I know this sounds boring and you have heard it before but it is time for you to really listen to what this word means. You need to stop jumping from one diet to another. You need to stop jumping from one system to another. Consistency is key to results even if you were to follow a dangerous unhealthy weight loss program. It is when you are jumping from one method to another that you are guaranteeing you will not achieve your goal to lose belly fat.

Tip #2 : How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Next you must be focused. You need to know exactly what you want to achieve and put some kind of deadline on it. It is no good saying you want to lose weight or lose belly fat. That means nothing. How much do you want to lose? Are you a size 40 looking to get to a size 36? Have you 30% bodyfat and want to get it to 22%? Decide on a focused target and deadline and then work towards that.

Tip #3 : How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

You must be patient. Stop expecting results overnight. You did not get out of shape overnight so how can you expect to lose weight fast within days? It will take time but once you are consistent in following an effective exercise and nutrition plan you will get their. Patience is a virtue!

Tip #4 : How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Following an effective exercise program is important to increase metabolism which ultimately decides the speed of your results. Your exercise should provide the metabolic stimulation so you are burning more fat calories and getting in shape faster. You should be doing HIIT or interval training for cardio and PHA or circuit style resistance training workouts. Steady state type exercise is a complete waste of time. Intensity is the key as well as ongoing progression and implementing muscle confusion.

Tip #5 : How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Nutritionally focus on eating cleaner and ideally more alkaline based food as most belly fat is due to an over acidic diet as the body reacts to the acidity by storing belly fat. So a key step in how to lose belly fat fast is to eat more green based foods and overall more plant based foods as I recommend.

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So if you are serious about losing belly fat fast then follow my advice above. Prove that you really want to get rid of belly fat. If you have any Questions or Comments feel free to place them below.

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