How To Sleep Better – The 3 Secrets To Quality Sleep

how to sleep better

how to sleep better

In this week´s High Performance Training Post I want to educate you in how to sleep better and ensure you have a clear understanding of just how important quality sleep is and it´s impact on your life.

Do you experience quality sleep?

Do you wake up wishing you knew how to sleep better vs feeling lethargic and tired? Do you regularly reach for the snooze button as your alarm sounds and barely get out of bed in time for work?

Do you lack energy throughout the day and experience the afternoon slump where you struggle to stay focused and productive?

Do you feel you are not performing at your optimal level on a daily basis and it impacts your mood, productivity, energy, success and others enjoyment when in your company?

There are 3 secrets to quality sleep which when implemented I can guarantee you 100% that your sleep will improve instantly. Once you know how to sleep better you will experience the best night´s sleep of your life tonight once you implement these 3 success strategies. So what are these 3 secrets :

1. How To Sleep Better #1 : Create a Sleep Environment :

If your sleeping environment is not right you will never experience quality sleep.  So what do I mean by your sleep environment.  Well you must create an association between the bedroom and sleep.  That is what you subconsciously must see the room´s use as, not for work or tv.  We react to light and dark so you should have blackout curtains or something that will ensure the room is pitch dark.  When it is dark we naturally release melatonin and get sleepy adn when it is bright we expect to stay awake.  Think of summers evening vs winters afternoon and how you feel during each.  Make sure you have a comfortable bed – you will be spending a 1/3 or more of your life in it so invest wisely.  It is crucial that you dont have anything in your room transmitting electro magnetic frequency and radiation such as tvs, laptops, ipads, smartphones, electric alarm clocks.  When these are in your room they are stimulating your brain and you can´t experience deep or quality sleep.  So keep all devices out of your bedroom.

2. How To Sleep Better #2 : Pre Sleep Activities :

What you do before bed is crucial.  Your goal before sleep is releasing melatonin and relaxing your body and mind so you are ready for sleep.  So make sure you stop any work or stimulation including tvs and computer devices a minimum of 30 minutes before sleep.  Your focus for this 30 minutes should be preparing your body and mind for sleep in releasing melatonin and relaxing your body and mind.  So read some fiction or something that is escapism for you.  Have a warm bath or shower.  Do some stretching, yoga, pilates or breathing exercises.  Listen to some soothing music while you meditate and relax.  Dim the lights so the body releases melatonin in the darker environment.  Choose the activity that you prefer and be consistent in implementing this new habit and the impact will be immediate.

3. How To Sleep Better #3 : Create a Sleeping Routine and Be Conscious of Your Personal Sleep Cycle

Make sure you create a sleeping routine and follow your personal sleep cycle.  Your sleep cycle will be between 1 hr 15 mins and 1 hr 45 mins in duration.  So it is important that you ensure you get a certain number of FULL cycles each night.  So if your cycle is 1 hr 30 mins you are better to get 4 hr 30 sleep than 5 hr 30 mins sleep.  You are better getting 9 hrs sleep than getting 8 hrs sleep – make sense?  Start taking note of how you feel if you wake up during the night and track the duration of your sleep and you will get ideas of what your personal sleep cycle is.  Mine is 1 hr 45 mins so I ensure I get either 7hrs or 8 hrs 45 mins sleep each night.  For most of the week have the same bed and waking time.  Create a routine.  And don´t look to catch up sleep at the weekend as it doesn´t work.

Training Video On Getting Quality Sleep

Summary And Final Thoughts and Advice :

So my message to you in this week´s high performance training Post is to implement the 3 secrets to quality sleep I have just shared.  You should now understand how to sleep better depends on the following 3 factors

1. Create a Sleeping Environment
2. Pre Sleep Activities
3. Create a Sleeping Routine

Once you do this I can guarantee you 100% you will experience the best night´s sleep of your life tonight and every night.  Remember when you sleep better your mood will be better and your energy and productivity.  Remember knowing how to sleep better will mean that your whole life will be positively impacted.  So take action and be sure to place any Questions or Comments Below. Love to hear how you got on implementing these 3 secrets.

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