Making The Impossible Possible – Learn From Leicester´s Triumph

making the impossible possible

Leicester City FC have dominated the media since monday, both online and offline, after making the impossible possible having been 5000/1 to win the premiership.  What has this got to do with you?  Maybe you don´t even like football?  You, me and everyone in the world needs to digest what Leicester City FC have achieved against all odds.  There is an important message to be learned that applies to everyone´s life and all areas of life.

Dream Of Making The Impossible Possible

Making the impossible possible is not something anyone believes is possible.  So many dreams are destroyed.  The dreamer is mostly told their dream is impossible and sadly they believe this and let their dream die.  Has this happened to you?  I know it has happened to me many times.  However thankfully most of the time I ignored these dream stealers and have had some memorable experiences as a result.  The truth is that everything is possible once you truly believe it.  Then focus on taking positive progressive action consistently.

Only a few years ago Leicester City FC were on the brink of folding.  Then after a takeover they progressed and were promoted to the premiership a few years ago.  Last season in April they were bottom and were certainties to get relegated.  They survived against all odds.  This season they have been outstanding and when everyone was waiting for them to fall apart they stayed top of the league.  On monday were crowned champions.  Drive, desire, determination and focus were crucial factors in making the impossible possible.  But most important was their deep belief in themselves, their teammates, their manager, their dream and in making the impossible possible.  They never allowed themselves get caught up and influenced mentally by all the media hype.  They stayed in their own bubble.  You too can experience dreams coming true.

Making the Impossible Possible Video Training

Press PLAY on the video below to watch a short training on making the impossible possible.  You will also hear why I have so much respect and admiration for Leicester City FC

Making The Impossible Possible With Your Team

There is no I in TEAM so if you have your own business, work as part of a team or are involved in a sports team be inspired by the togetherness Leicester City FC showed.   Watch how they always played as a team vs individuals with no egotistical player feeling better than everyone else.  This is why this achievement is so inspirational as they have beaten teams that have spent hundreds of millions on the “best” players available. Leicester City FC have shown that a “real” team can win and this applies in business and in life in general.  Who are the people around you in your life?  Are they supportive and pushing you in the right direction towards your dreams or do they constantly put your dreams down?  Do they make your dreams feel stupid and impossible?

Experiencing a vibrant successful life is about moving forward, listening to your own mind, believing in your dreams, leaving the past where it belongs and creating new positive habits. Believe in your dreams. You also are capable of making the impossible possible. From now on change your thought process and counteract the negative thoughts and see, feel and believe yourself already in possession of the goal as Napoleon Hill states in “Think And Grow Rich”. This change will prove crucial to you achieving success in your life.

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