Success Is About Doing What Others Are Not Willing To Do

success is about

success is about

In this week´s high performance training I want to point out a key trait of what success is about. There is a one main reason why successful people live and experience the lives that they do. It is because success is about doing what others are not willing to do.
How much do you want success? How badly do you want to achieve your goals?

What if Success Is About Luck?

Luck, money and having the right contacts is often the explanation given by those leading mediocre lives when they are looking at or speaking about successful people. People always play the blame game when they are talking about their own lives and why they didn´t achieve their goals. Most people just bitch and moan all the time instead of taking a good look in the mirror. The person looking back at you is the person who has put your life where it is right now. If you don´t like this reality check, then tough. It is the truth and until you face up to the truth you are going to continue leading a mediocre unfulfilled life. Success is about doing what others are not willing to do. Are you going to spend your life being one of the “others” ??? It is your decision.

Let´s look at the 4 key areas of life – relationships, body/mind/health, professional, wealth – and why some experience success in some or all areas and others don´t. Let´s start with relationships. When you have a fight with a loved one are you the bigger person in admitting when you are sorry? Are you the bigger person in sorting out the situation in whatever way it needs to be done? Do you look at yourself and how you can improve when a relationship is strained versus always blaming the other person? Do you give of yourself vs always looking at what you should be getting? These are key questions and actions if you want successful relationships.

Success Is About Digging Deep When Others Stop :

How about the body/mind/health area of life. Are you taking steps to experience good health? How about your body shape? Are you as lean and toned as you would like or do you hate the way you look? How about if you play a sport or participate in an athletic discipline such as triathlon as I do – do you do what it takes to achieve your goals? The bottom line is that those, the majority, who spend their time bitching and moaning about their health, body shape and lack of results will just do so til their dying days. They are not taking responsibility. However you have the chance to decide to not be part of this. When you feel like not training just do it. When you are training dig deep and give it that extra 10% even though your body is telling you to stop. When you feel like giving up don´t give in. Do what others are not willing to do!! That is what success is about.

In your professional life and in wealth creation are you doing everything you can to get ahead, to climb the ladder to get ahead of your competitors? Are you exploring all avenues to generate more income this week and next month and every month? Are you identifying new skills and knowledge you need to acquire and then actively acquiring it and importantly then implementing it once you have it? This is the difference between those who are successful and those who aren´t. Sometimes I decide to stay up until 1 or 2am on webcasts where they are teaching information I need and want to know. It is how I stay ahead. But how many are willing to stay up late to keep ahead? It is the minority. But you can become part of the minority and in doing so you then can experience the fun, vibrant, fulfilling and successful life you desire and will deserve.

Success Is About Training Video :

Press PLAY on the following video to watch a detailed training on what success is all about and how you too can achieve all you want in life. That is if you truly want it! Really want it!

Success Is About Recap & Action Steps :

So my question for you is – how much do you want success? Now that you understand that success is about doing what others are not willing to do are you going to be different or just be one of the “others” ? I hope you make the right decision. As I tell my clients there is only 1 fear you should have in life – the fear of regret. Time moves fast and you can´t get it back. When you are making your decision on your answer to my question factor in whether you are prepared to lie on your deathbed with regrets? I know that i´m not.

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