Time Is Not Your Enemy – You Are – Value Your Time

value your time

value your time

In this week´s high performance training I want to speak to you about how time is not your enemy but you are.  We often complain about having no time and how fast it goes.  I am guilty of this too particularly in the last 8 weeks I spent in Ireland and UK. But we all need to change our outlook about time.  You need to value your time.

Value Your Time : It Starts With Your Language

You can be your own worst enemy. How often do you say you don´t have time to go to the gym?  to get projects done?  to spend quality time with family and friends?  to get stuff done?  We all do it.  As I said earlier I am also guilty of this at times but I am consciously aware of it so it happens less frequently than before.  We should be delighted with how much time we actually have.  24 hours each day is a long time but the key is what you do with it.  What use did you make of your time for the last 24 hours?

What progress did you make in your relationships, body/mind/health, professional career and in your level of wealth in the last 24 hours?  If we are making best use of our time then we should be continuously moving forward in our life.  We should be continuously increasing our level of happiness and fulfillment in life.  However when we are focusing on time moving too fast and creating negative energy around time we are guaranteeing we won´t make use of it.  Time is precious and we need to start giving it the respect we should.

Value Your Time And Experience More Fulfillment In Life

Each day spend quality time with your family and loved ones as well as doing some activities you enjoy.  Of course you must fit in your work commitments monday to friday but while it takes up the majority of our life apart from sleeping there is still plenty of time for fun.  Make use of the time you have to plan and strategise for your career and how you can increase your income generating ability.  It is important also to be present and to realise all you have to be grateful for at that time too.

Value Your Time : Training Video

Press PLAY on the following video to hear more indepth thoughts and advice on the topic of time and being productive with it.

Value Your Time : Final Thoughts And Advice

Tragically there are babies who die.  Every minute there are people suffering and dying all over the world.  This is why you need to be thankful for all the time you do have and be committed to making best use of it.  Be fearful of getting to your later years and having regrets.  Time is not your enemy – you are!  Time will always keep moving and while it may appear to be moving faster and faster just focus on enjoying it and making best use of it.

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